Sunday, 1 January 2012

FashionClub is getting inactive ♥

We're getting less active by the day x[ We need someway to convince members to come back...But how? :[ ♥

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in a while ♥
Anyway Stardoll introduced Starcoins recently which is a new currency for non-superstars.
1 starcoin = 10 stardollars
Superstars can use both but non-superstars can't and if they previously had stardollars they can either become superstar and spend them or convert them to starcoins. In my opinion it will take some getting used to for most people but I understand, do you? ;) What do you think of them? xD

Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding.

The Royal Wedding.
Everybody's hearing about it. I was told to watch it,I don't know why..
Anyway,It's a very long thing,In GMT from to 3;45pm..? Or so..
I think the Alexander McQueen dress was beautiful,it was rather formal,but stunning in my opinion.
Catherine Middleton and Prince William are now happily married (:

The service is lovely,the music and opera is yeah..
But they make a good couple.
Imagine,Princes // Princess's // Kings // Queens all over the world traveled all the way to England just for this wedding. 
But I guess it's worth it for them,So many different people,So many people came,Millions of viewers are watching it right now.
There's even something on Stardoll about it..Lol..

Just wanted to let you know (:

Smile with your heart(: ♥

Thursday, 28 April 2011

FC Video

Woop! Yeah, I spent a lot of my day making this Video. :l
What do you think? Please ignore the quality; like I said last time,
I'll try make it better for next time.

Comment your opinion on it;D
-Ella aka eltato.

FCer of the day: lollymollygoo

 Today's FCer of the day is lollymollygoo!

Why? Well because she's so active in FC, and from what I've seen
she's very friendly too;3

Her presentation and suite are amazing; she's put so much effort into both of them.

FC un-active

So I went into FC today to find it was..empty?
 It was very un-active, and by that I mean VERY.

-There were topics on the first page from an hour ago.

-It took atleast twenty minutes just to get like two replies in a topic.
-And hardly anyone was posting.

Will FC die out like AL did?

My first thoughts were 'it's just because most people are in school,' but FC used to be active during school hours.. What happened?

Well considering FC lost half it's members when it was deleted various times, it's probably not going to be as active as it used to be. Well I sure do hope it doesn't end like AL did...


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sometimes I miss the old stardoll

Sometimes,I miss it..
The way everybody was nice,only some would be rude.
When we all got along,not all these eg. FC vs. OC fights were going on.
Stardoll was so much simpler back then,You could get more SD by starpoints I heard.
It was simpler to find things and people were very keen on getting designer collections,maybe keener than some are now.

I just miss it,It seemed so much easier.
 Hehe` :3

Smile with your heart (: ♥

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hello ;)

I'm a new writer to this blog and I shall do my best to post everything about FC I can and updates and stuff ;) Lol xD

Anyway I'm Amy and I'd like to say thank you for allowing me to write on such a brilliant blog ;D

Let's get blogging ;)